In parts of the Finnish music world, Finnish Swedishness is not necessarily considered to be relevant, and thus a large number of Finnish Swedish musicians fly under the radar and are mainly defined as Finnish. Exceptions are music that directly and deliberately target a Finnish-Swedish audience, such as many “dance bands” (dansband) and groups that make children’s music or singer-songwriters who sing in Swedish.

Finnish-Swedish artist Emma Kemppainen – who is, among others, a singer in the group LCMDF – points out that the Finnish-Swedish music scene is stimulated by the fact that the two Finnish-Swedish radio channels also offer a public platform for locally produced music. Kemppainen mentions a few artist who have enjoyed national popularity and whose Finnish Swedishness does not play the greater role, like for example Chisu, Lasse Mårtenson, Redrama, Riki Sorsa and Sturm und Drang. The list of musicians who have won success abroad includes, among others, Isac Elliot, Linda Lampenius, Lxandra, Michael Monroe and Vasa’s flora and fauna, and of course the world-famous composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957).

Kemppainen also points out that the annual Eurovision Song Contest competition is popular among many Finnish Swedes, partly because Finland-Swedish artists have repeatedly represented Finland. Krista Siegfrids, who competed in the Eurovision in 2013, has also participated twice in the Swedish Melodifestivalen.

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